Oct 1st-13th
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Dress Code & Studio Etiquette
Just like in other dance genres, in HipHop you are required to adhere by our dress code each and every class.
You are a HipHop dancer, you gotta dress like it!




  • Hats

  • T-Shirt/Long Sleeves

  • Hoodie

  • Baggier fitted clothing

  • You can wear tights ONLY when paired with a baggier fitting top or something around your waist

  • Appropriate shoes like: Converse, Nikes, Adidas, shoes that are comfortable and clean



  • Tight fitting T-Shirts/Tank Tops

  • Spaghetti strap/thin strapped tank tops/Skirts/dresses

  • Low cut/revealing clothing/Short shorts

  • Jackets/sweaters

  • Jeans/Tights (see above)

  • Boots/Dress shoes/Shoes with a heel/Barefeet/socks

Timberlands (these are not for dancing)

Vibestreet gear is sold in the office and keep an eye out for our clothing order!


Expectations & Etiquette

Be on time each and every class. If you are going to be late, please call the office.

Be at class each week. If you are sick or going to be away, please contact the office with as much notice as possible. If you are sick or injured, please use your judgement and also notify your instructor and the office. We understand that people get sick/injured, please use your judgement on whether you should come and watch or stay home and rest.

Dress appropriately. Please see dress code “do’s and don’t’s” in this package. It is important to us that you are wearing Vibestreet clothing often. We are proud to have you at VSD and want you to be proud too!

Studio Communication. We provide 3 official ways to communicate with parents: Online Account, Direct Email & Website updates. If you do not receive your emails, please make sure to double check your account information, as it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student to ensure a current email address is on your online account. VSD will also use our Facebook Group as a tool to post email notifications and general unofficial announcements and reminders. Students are encouraged to post class footage for rec classes for students to use for rehearsal purposes.

Facebook Groups for classes.
Rec Facebook Group (for students & parents)
Crew Facebook Group (for students & parents)

Please do not use these groups to post questions, concerns or tell us you will be absent. All communications from students and parents should be sent via email, phone or in person only.

Social Media. If you are posting class footage/photos from a recreational class/drop in/workshop on a public platform - be sure to credit and tag Vibestreet in addition to your instructor. Competitive choreography is not to be posted publicly.

Bring water. Water is sold in the office for $1.

Bring a good attitude to the office and studio each week. In previous seasons Vibestreet Dance Studio has been forced to remove dancers from crews/classes and the studio altogether due to disrespectful/aggressive behaviour, in most cases from a Parent. If at any time there is a situation that may be upsetting to you or your dancer, we ask that you do not contact or speak to our faculty or staff while frustrated. Please collect yourself and then address us calmly. Please understand that we are all on the same team, there is no need to be disrespectful.

No spectating in classes. We do not allow parents or friends to watch classes as it is very uncomfortable for other students while they are trying to learn. Instead, we have showcases throughout the season, keep an eye out in our “important dates” page!

Be accountable and responsible for yourself. This season we are making it very clear that dancers and parents are 100% responsible for knowing important info and deadlines. Please be sure that as a student and a parent, you are aware of policies, deadlines, etc.