Q: My child is a "Youth" but we can't make it in time for her class, can she take the Teen class instead? She is 11 years old but very mature...
Dancers must be registered in classes of their age range only. If a dancer is 7-12yrs, they are to be in that specific aged class. We understand that our schedule may not work for everyone but due to past experiences it is imperative that dancers be in their specified age category.

Q: I want my child to be challenged more, can he take the Senior Advanced class instead of the Teen Advanced class? He's been dancing for many years. 
 VSD is confident that the classes we are providing are perfectly designed for dancers within the age and level it is advertised for and we are confident that our dancers are getting the absolute top quality training possible, each and every class. To keep the integrity of our classes we will be keeping our classes available for the listed ages and levels and if we make any changes, we will let our students know. Many Advanced/Senior classes are by 'request' only and approved by our instructors.

Q: How long is a class?
Most of our classes are 60 minutes in length, unless it is Mini-Hop (30 minutes), a select Kids class (45 minutes) or a Crew class (90 minutes). You can find out how long each class is by checking out our schedule HERE

Q: Is my class just 'month-to-month' or is it re-occuring forever?
 Most of our classes are considered "Yearly" which run with the school year, September through until June! These classes are weekly (Sept-June).

Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card, (whichever you enter upon registration) on the first of each month (for yearly options). The last payment will be processed June 2019. For these classes, you can choose a 'Monthly' payment plan but it is not considered a casual "Month-to-Month' option as we do need notification and a $25 Cancelation fee to stop payments before the next months fees are due. We can not stop payments without notice and a cancelation fee. Please see our policy tab for details!

We also offer (short) Term class options with a one time payment and no Admin fee or Cancelation fee! Just be sure that you can commit to the full duration of the 8-10 weeks as once payment is submitted we can not issue refunds or credits (including student-missed classes).

Q: But I haven't come to class in like, 2 months.... why are payments still coming out of my account? 
As stated above and clearly in our policies upon registration, we need to be notified and a $25 cancelation fee needs to be paid in order to stop payments. We don't know you want to quit unless you tell us ;)

Q: I missed 2 classes this month, can I get a refund or just come to another class to make-up for it?
We encourage students to be at their registered classes as we can not offer refunds/credits or make up classes when students miss classes. It is important for the quality of our classes and instructor preparation that students do make every effort to be at their classes. If you are going to be away, please contact our office so we can let your instructor know :)

Q: How much is a class?
Check out our detailed fee breakdown HERE.

Q: Why do I have to pay a full months fee in shorter months?
Our tuition is calculated based on the number of classes in the entire dance year, (keeping in mind closures/holidays) and divided equally between 10 months.

Q: When do my monthly payments stop? Will they automatically start again in September?
Yearly classes, monthly payments end June 1st 2019. Dancers must re-register for each season. 

Q: This is my first year at VSD, who should I contact with any questions?
Welcome! We are so excited to have you with us this season! For any questions we highly encourage you to come into our office and speak to an office staff member or email our Administration at admin@vibestreetdance.com

Q: I can’t remember which classes I registered for!
A: Not a problem! You can log into your student account to view your classes at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office via email any time!

Q: I’ve had a change in my work/school schedule and I can’t commit to my original class selection, what are my options?
A: We understand that things change, so we’ve made it super convenient for you to add, switch or cancel classes in your online account (additional fees may apply). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office via email any time!

Q: When do classes begin?
A: Classes begin the week of September 10th! 

Q: I love my class and I’d like to add another, how do I do this?
A: You can add classes online in your student account 24 hours a day! Or come into our office during office hours and an office staff member can assist you.

Q: Oh no, I just found out I’m moving to another city, how do I cancel my class?
A: No problem! We just need 1 months notice via email before the 1st of the month + a 1 time $25 cancellation fee. Just a reminder that we do not give credits or refunds at anytime. Please refer to our  Policies page for full details. Once notice and cancellation fee are submitted we can discontinue your classes. We can not discontinue classes/future payment without one month’s notice and $25 cancellation fee.