• GST is added to all payments

  • It is the responsibility of the payor to keep information in our system up-to-date

  • Vibestreet Dance Studio does not offer refunds or credits. This is non-negotiable.

  • Once a payment has been made, there are no reimbursements, refunds, credits, other.

  • NSF’s & late payments are subject to a $25 fee after 7 business days of unpaid fees

  • Outstanding balances will be added to the next payment due

  • Any unpaid accounts will be forwarded to Collections January and June of each season

  • VSD offers “makeup classes” in December & June of each season during the last week of classes

  • Dancers must only register for classes in their age/level

  • All official communication is via email

  • Spring Break, Holidays and Winter Break, etc are regularly scheduled closures planned into the season. Class fees are the same regardless of how many classes are in the month. Fees are calculated based on the amount of classes in our season.



  • 1 months notice must be given in writing via email or in person before the 1st of the next month to withdrawal or drop a class.

  • Dancers who stop coming to class are not considered dropped/withdrawn. Payments will continue to process until our office has received official notice and cancellation fee has been paid.  

  • A $25 fee must be completed to officially withdraw.    

  • A $10 transfer fee applies to non-office related transfers

  • Crew dancers are obligated to payments for the full duration of the season once they accept their position

  • We have a strict “No Drop” policy after March 31st 2020.



I understand that there may be some risk of injury associated with participating in the activities at VIBESTREET DANCE, included, but not limited to dance and events. I agree to waive any and all claims of liability, release and hold harmless VIBESTREET DANCE in the event that such injury may occur to myself and or my child(ren). In the event of accident or injury, when a parent, legal or emergency contact are not available, I give VIBESTREET DANCE permission to contact 911 Emergency. Full policies available in Student Online Portal or at Registration Check-out.

In hopes to keep our policies simple and straightforward - Vibestreet Dance Studio asks that all dancers and families read the above and keep in communication with our office to ensure a smooth registration system. Because our policies are simple, we do reserve the right to add to them at any time. We understand that unique scenarios come up and we may not technically have a policy listed above in reflection of this particular situation but please note that Vibestreet Dance Studio will consider our core policies with all unique situations to ensure consistent procedure for our staff and students.


At Vibestreet Dance Studio we like to work together to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We highly recommend coming into the office regularly and keeping communication open and often. In the past couple of  seasons we have tripled our students which means we have a lot of faces to remember! We love our dance family and we want you to be more involved! Don’t be afraid to come in just to say ‘hi!’, this helps us get to know people better and build strong relationships for the season! Please note that all *official* info will be posted in your student account online and/or be sent via email. Non-sensitive info will be updated on the website but due to privacy we do not post everything on our website. Please remember to direct any questions, comments, concerns to our office via email or in person during office hours.

(A reminder that students and parents are not to contact instructors/staff members via Facebook private message at any time).

Remember, if you ever have any questions - please email us at and our Admin (Keri Doan) will help you with whatever you need! Don’t forget to check your online account often!