Welcome to Vibestreet Dance Studio!

Jam Nights, essentially, are open studio time for urban/street dancers to get together to jam, freestyle, learn from each other, in a safe environment.

This is not a class. There is no instruction. We are simply opening up our studio to VSD dancers and non-VSD dancers to give you a spot to freestyle and grow as a dancer!

No registration required, just come down! Dancers under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult Or a consent form must be signed CLICK.

$5 per person or just $2 when you tag us in a Facebook post! Registered VSD dancers are FREE!

KICK-OFF: TO BE ANNOUNCED! (There are no scheduled Jam Nights planned at this time - check back later!)

- Jam Nights are lead by VSD's Junior Gonzalez (BBoy JRaw) & BGirl Midori
- All guests must sign-in, in the office
- All VSD dancers are FREE
- $5 or $2 with a Facebook post (we will confirm posts upon entrance) cash only
- Dancers are expected to respect the studio and keep the environment positive and encouraging at all times, this is a happy place to learn and grow as dancers
- No drinking/drugs, anyone under the influence of substances of any kind will not be permitted into the studio
- More guidelines to be added at anytime.

We're looking forward to this future event! :) 

*Please join and check the Facebook group for the latest info!